What to Wear for Indoor Rock Climbing
If you are new to rock climbing, you probably noticed that climbing gym fashion is unlike anything else. Some climbers
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Rope climbing is perfect for two people. So why not grab your favorite person and climbing partner and give these
Bouldering Exercises for You and Your Partner
Training on your own is doable, but training with friends or your partner makes the experience much more enjoyable. So,
Rope Managemen Blog
Climbing ropes are precious. They are your lifeline, so they should be the most cared-for piece of climbing equipment you
Does the Type for Chalk Really Matter
Does the type of chalk matter? In short? Sometimes! But that's not a satisfying answer. Before diving into our take
How to Prepare for your Outdoor Climbing Trp
You've been training for months and are feeling strong. Finally, it's the time you've been waiting for: the outdoor climbing
Why is warming up for climbing important? Before learning about the last warm-up for climbing you'll ever need, you must
Climbing jargon is weird. If you're here, you've probably heard a bunch of strange-sounding jargon in the gym or at
How to Stop the Fear of Falling
As an aspiring climber or climber-in-training, you have climbing goals you want to accomplish. Maybe the goal is completing your
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Beginner? Let's guess: your buddy dragged you to a climbing gym a few weeks ago so they could show you