Right now, it is our job to minimize risk to ourselves and our communities. Under normal circumstances, we accept the
On your days off from climbing, you may want to just lay back and relax with a good movie on
Never skip finger day! You don't hear anyone saying that, but if you're a climber, it's true. Your fingers and
When you're in the middle of an intense climb, every detail matters. That includes your finger dexterity. Every climber has
If you're a rock climber, you're doing yourself a lot of good! Rock climbing is one of the most physically-intensive
Are you ready to take your love of rock climbing to the next level? Once you've mastered those beginner skills
Rock climbing is not for everyone, it is a full-body sport that conquers the most common fears, as you boulder
Fear is a basic human instinct with both biochemical and emotional components. Some fear is rational, like when you're confronted
Your height can play a significant role in your reaching ability when rock climbing. If you're shorter than the average
The sport of rock climbing is taking over with 43 new commercial gyms opened in 2017.  This sport was once only