Greetings climber! Welcome to Fingers with Phil! My name is Phil, and I am here to give you the tips
Did you know that you're less likely to get injured if you warm up before starting rock climbing workouts?  Great climbers need
What’s up, crushers?! I am back with part four of my series, Body by Bruno, where I reveal my top
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Welcome back, crushers! Bruno here with part two of my series, Body by Bruno, where I reveal my top climbing
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What's going on, crushers? My name is Bruno and I am here with part one of my new series, Body
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Over 4.6 million people are active rock climbers. And for good reason, too. This exciting, challenging sport has loads of
You are halfway to the crag when you realize you left your pre-made snacks on the counter at home. You
Right now, it is our job to minimize risk to ourselves and our communities. Under normal circumstances, we accept the